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Zone Completion Assistant


The Zone Completion Assistant is an overlay window that provides location information for Waypoints, POIs, Vistas, Skill Challenges, and Heart Quests.

The Zone Completion Assistant makes use of the Mumble positional tracking interface built into GW2 to provide real-time distance and directional information for unlockable locations in the current player's zone.

Guild Wars 2 must be running with a character selected and in-game in order for the Zone Completion Assistant to be accessible from the main menu of the tray icon.


ZoneCompletionAssistant.pngResizable: You may adjust the height of the list by click-dragging the bottom horizontal bar

Scrolling: You may scroll the full list of unlockable zone locations

Collapsible: You can collapse (and expand) the window by clicking on the /\ and \/ buttons.

Direction Tracking: Directional tracking occurs in real-time and is based on the camera's position

Distance Tracking: Distance tracking occurs in real-time and is based on the player character's position in the world

Unlocked Tracking: You can keep track of which locations have been unlocked by clicking on the grayed-out icon located just to the right of the location's distance from the player. Clicking on an icon again will reset it to the grayed-out state.

Main Menu: Clicking on the icon in the top left corner of the window opens a menu with the following options:
  • Reset Unlocks - resets the "unlocked" state of all locations in either the current zone or globally
  • Reset Hidden Points - resets hidden points/locations in either the current zone or globally
  • Automatic Unlock - enables automatic marking of points/locations as unlocked when the distance has met a specific threshold:
    • Waypoints: 55ft
    • Points of Interest: 25ft
    • Vistas: 5ft
  • Show Unlocked Points - if enabled, points marked as "unlocked" are not shown in the completion assistant's list
  • Show... - allows you to show/hide each category of unlockable locations
  • Close - closes the zone completion assistant window

Right-click Menu: Right-clicking on a location in the list displays a menu with the following options:
  • Hide - hides the location and removes it from the zone completion assistant's list

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