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WvW Tracker


The WvW Tracker is an overlay window that displays the state of all WvW objectives in a given map. All objectives of the displayed map are listed with their color corresponding to the owning world. Objectives are listed in order of value, with Castles at the top and Bloodlust-objectives at the bottom.

Note: Be sure to select your home world from the list of worlds in the main menu of the tray-icon.



Orientation: You can pick whether the list of objectives is displayed in a vertical or horizontal orientation using the menu of the window.

Resizable: You can adjust the height or width of the list by click-dragging the bottom/right horizontal/vertical bars.

Collapsible: You can collapse (and expand) the window by clicking on the /\ and \/ buttons.

Scrolling: You can scroll the full list of objectives.


Time-Distance Tracking: Displayed with each objective is an estimated time-distance value. This time value is the estimated amount of time it would take to run to the objective from the player's current position in the map. Note that these are calculated using direct-line distances, and as such, may not be entirely accurate depending on the path the user takes to reach the objective.

RI Tracking: If active, the current RI timer is also displayed with each objective. For information about RI, see <insert link>.

WvWTracker_RightClick.pngRight-click Menu: Right-clicking on an objective displays a menu with the following options:
  • Hide - hides the objective and removes it from the WvW tracker list

WvWTracker_Menu1.pngMain Menu: Clicking on the icon in the top left corner of the window opens a menu with the following options:
  • Reset Hidden Objectives - resets all objectives hidden via the right-click menu
  • Show... - provides configuration of what types of objectives are shown, such as Castles, Keeps, Towers, Camps, and Bloodlust objectives. Also provides configuration of showing/hiding objectives owned by a world color.
  • Use Player's Map - when enabled, automatically detects which map the player is located on, and displays the WvW objectives for that map
  • Override Map... - allows the user to select a specific map to show in the list (instead of using the player's detected map)
  • Close - closes the WvW tracker window


Customizable - If desired, the WvW objectives and information can be tweaked by editing the WvWObjectives.xml file.

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