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Web Browser


The Web Browser is an optional, generic web browser overlay window, styled to fit in with the game interface.

DISCLAIMER: This application makes use of the Awesomeium embeddable browser library. Awesomeium was designed for applications that use a browser for it's UI, not necessary for browsing any old page on the internet. As such, it leaves out a lot of security enhancements that you would normally find in any-old browser (like Firefox, Chrome, etc). DO NOT use this for sensitive sites. If you are concerned about using it all, a "No Browser" of the application exists.



Collapsible: You can collapse (and expand) the window by clicking on the ^ button.

Transparency Slider: The slider in the top-right corner of the window adjusts the transparency of the browser content, from fully transparent to 0 transparency.

WebBrowser_Menu.png Common Pages: The menu of this overlay window contains a few links to commonly-used GW2-related pages, such as the GW2 Wiki, Dulfy, and GW2 Spidy.

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