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Dungeon Tracker


The Dungeon Tracker is a simple overlay window for tracking daily dungeon completion status. Each dungeon is listed with it's various paths.


Resizable: You can adjust the height of the list by click-dragging the bottom horizontal bar

Scrolling: You can scroll the full list of dungeons

Collapsible: You can collapse (and expand) the window by clicking on the /\ and \/ buttons.


Daily Path Tracking: You can keep track of which dungeon paths have completed in the current day by clicking on the path located just to the right of the dungeon's name. These icons will automatically reset with the server-reset time of midnight UTC.

DungeonTracker_RightClick.pngRight-click Menu: Right-clicking on a dungeon displays a menu with the following options:
  • Hide - hides the dungeon and removes it from the dungeon tracker list
  • Minimum Level - indicates the minimum level required for the dungeon
  • Located in - indicates the location (map) in which the dungeon is located
  • Copy Waypoint Code - copies the code of the nearest in-game waypoint, which can then be pasted into the in-game chat.
  • Open Wiki Page - Opens the user's default browser to the GW2 Wiki page for the dungeon.

Path ToolTip: Positioning the mouse on top of a path in the list displays some basic information about the path, including:
  • Alternate Name
  • Daily Gold Reward

DungeonTracker_Menu.pngMain Menu: Clicking on the icon in the top left corner of the window opens a menu with the following options:
  • Reset Hidden Dungeons - resets all dungeons hidden via the right-click menu
  • Reset Completed Paths - resets the state of all paths that have been marked as completed
  • Close - closes the event tracker window

Customizable - If desired, dungeon information can be tweaked by editing the Dungeons.xml file.

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